Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quilt Piecing Progress

Hi all,  hope you had a great Valentines Day.  

Well I write/call looking for that job, but since that is not progressing at lightening speed, I craft as I wait for the phone to ring with news that I am again gainfully employed.  

I continue to work on my Stack N Whack Fan quilt.   All pieces for the fans are cut and all 32 - 5 piece fans have been sewn together.   This is an example of the fans before they are appliqued/attached to a 10" tan square 

This block  is appliqued at the tips with what I call the chicken-feet stitch. This stitch gives a nice finish and attaches the fan to the block.  Next step is to applique a dusty blue quarter orb at the fan base.

Here are 23 blocks appliqued with all but the blue orb.   23 down, 9 to go.

It is an interesting technique (stack_n_whack) as each fan has the same material but presents a different kaleidescope effect.   Cool stuff.

Have fun all.
Trish : )

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  1. Fabulous color choices. I've never done a stack and whack quilt.