Friday, October 12, 2012

Sewing today

I have been working on this on and off for some time.    Will I get it ready before Halloween.   Who knows.   I did buy eye and nose buttons and intend on applique for the mouth.    So close and yet.......

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One More Prayer Flag

More Positive Change:

I tried playing with a few different types of fabric paint. If I painted on fabric again, I would choose a fabric with a tighter weave for a more saturated color.    However, the colors reminded me of watercolor or a light rainbow.    I like both of those so I continued by  adding butterflies, dragonflies, spirals and one of my favorite quotes.

As with each project, I learned something that I will use in the future.    I find that anything artistic reminds me that it is all about the journey.    I have quite a few of my journeys in my studio.   Ha Ha.   


Prayer Flag Swap

I participated in a swap of 3 prayer flags at Creative Lenna.   Here are just a few thoughts on construction.

To create the base prayer flag, I took a vintage muslin piece,  and tore the fabric instead of cutting.   I was looking for a life-like representation of what was to be sent out into the world, not pristine or formulated but real.  

The vintage material was devoid of sizing (that was my thought anyhow) so it would take painting or stamping more readily.  I used Fray Check on the edges so I could keep the worn look of the edges but lock the threads to minimize further ravelling of the material.       


Background:  With a smiley stamp and some Stazon black ink,  the background was created. 
Tree topper:  A moon face was stamped on Shrinky Dink and heated to minimize size.  
Tree:  Stamped a  stick tree, added the smiling moon face and  set it aglow with a metallic pen.      
Pocket:  Painted with blue fabric paint using stencil and emphasized with a gold leaf pen.
  •  The pocket is there for notes that the user wants to include that symbolize peace.   

Love One Another:  

Positive Change:

There is one more muslin flag that will be posted in the next few days.   I hope that they are satisfactory for the swap, as there are so many talented people who participate that I am humbled by their talent.

Peace to you all.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zoo in June

July is super steamy in St. Louis, MO.   I  venture out before sunrise and around sunset. 

     However, in June, my sisters,  Mom and I  made a trek to the zoo and it was fabulous.

The camel was engaging.

The zebra said how do you do.

The giraffes and ostriches were obliging.

The company of three remarkable women, was the best part of the day.

TJB:  Embrace the positive.   

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Latest Sewing

My daughter and I decided to make potholders for a shower with a St. Louis, MO and owl mascot theme.     Here are the results:




Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fabric/Paper Beads and Mail Art

Well, here are the last two of my beads for the Creative Lenna Bead Swap.   It has been interesting and I look forward to seeing how others approached the challenge.  

Green Polyester Strip pulled to create yarn, wound yarn, applied walnut stain and gold luminiere paint

Bead from a metallic red/white bag, lace punched, gold luminiere paint and walnut stained.

Mail Art

I packaged up the beads in this envelope after it was gessoed, stamped, and doodled with acrylic paint.     All in all a fun swap.

Have a Super Day.   Trish

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 - Fabric/Paper Bead Swap

I'm participating in a swap at Creative Lenna

I started with paper beads but kept layering fabric on top of the paper.   It was interesting how it activated the brain.   I enjoyed the process...

Blue fabric serged edges, brown furry yarn, wired with beads

Gold Potato Bag wrapped with wire

Back has a twist and glued

Tubing, brown/slate fabric, washer ends, wire with twisted ends 

Tubing, red print fabric, wire w/twisted ends
1/8" poly stretched to thread, wound on tubing used for fish tanks

Tubing/brown fuzzy yarn, gold vegetable bag, with matte medium & wire secured w/twisted ends

Red serger thread waste over black poly bag secured with matte medium and wire.

Brown patterned fabric w/matte medium over tubing, wire twisted with bead

Yellow vegetable bag over fabric, matte medium, wire with spaced beads & embellishments

                          Brown patterned fabric, wired, tubing, washer ends


Neon fabric with Ladder Serger stitch, Matte Medium and Snowy Stickles over tubing


Fabric, multi-layers matte medium, walnut stain over tubing, secured with wire, sequin flower edged with terra cotta chalk ink

Fabric bead, layered snowy Stickles

Red & white serger thread waste, bound on tubing, ended with metal filial

Neon Fabric with Stickles and Sharpy marker dots
Tubing, gold vegetable bag twisted, secured with Copper Stickles 

Have Fun.....