Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prayer Flag Swap

I participated in a swap of 3 prayer flags at Creative Lenna.   Here are just a few thoughts on construction.

To create the base prayer flag, I took a vintage muslin piece,  and tore the fabric instead of cutting.   I was looking for a life-like representation of what was to be sent out into the world, not pristine or formulated but real.  

The vintage material was devoid of sizing (that was my thought anyhow) so it would take painting or stamping more readily.  I used Fray Check on the edges so I could keep the worn look of the edges but lock the threads to minimize further ravelling of the material.       


Background:  With a smiley stamp and some Stazon black ink,  the background was created. 
Tree topper:  A moon face was stamped on Shrinky Dink and heated to minimize size.  
Tree:  Stamped a  stick tree, added the smiling moon face and  set it aglow with a metallic pen.      
Pocket:  Painted with blue fabric paint using stencil and emphasized with a gold leaf pen.
  •  The pocket is there for notes that the user wants to include that symbolize peace.   

Love One Another:  

Positive Change:

There is one more muslin flag that will be posted in the next few days.   I hope that they are satisfactory for the swap, as there are so many talented people who participate that I am humbled by their talent.

Peace to you all.


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