Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fabric/Paper Beads and Mail Art

Well, here are the last two of my beads for the Creative Lenna Bead Swap.   It has been interesting and I look forward to seeing how others approached the challenge.  

Green Polyester Strip pulled to create yarn, wound yarn, applied walnut stain and gold luminiere paint

Bead from a metallic red/white bag, lace punched, gold luminiere paint and walnut stained.

Mail Art

I packaged up the beads in this envelope after it was gessoed, stamped, and doodled with acrylic paint.     All in all a fun swap.

Have a Super Day.   Trish

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 - Fabric/Paper Bead Swap

I'm participating in a swap at Creative Lenna

I started with paper beads but kept layering fabric on top of the paper.   It was interesting how it activated the brain.   I enjoyed the process...

Blue fabric serged edges, brown furry yarn, wired with beads

Gold Potato Bag wrapped with wire

Back has a twist and glued

Tubing, brown/slate fabric, washer ends, wire with twisted ends 

Tubing, red print fabric, wire w/twisted ends
1/8" poly stretched to thread, wound on tubing used for fish tanks

Tubing/brown fuzzy yarn, gold vegetable bag, with matte medium & wire secured w/twisted ends

Red serger thread waste over black poly bag secured with matte medium and wire.

Brown patterned fabric w/matte medium over tubing, wire twisted with bead

Yellow vegetable bag over fabric, matte medium, wire with spaced beads & embellishments

                          Brown patterned fabric, wired, tubing, washer ends


Neon fabric with Ladder Serger stitch, Matte Medium and Snowy Stickles over tubing


Fabric, multi-layers matte medium, walnut stain over tubing, secured with wire, sequin flower edged with terra cotta chalk ink

Fabric bead, layered snowy Stickles

Red & white serger thread waste, bound on tubing, ended with metal filial

Neon Fabric with Stickles and Sharpy marker dots
Tubing, gold vegetable bag twisted, secured with Copper Stickles 

Have Fun.....